What is your teaching method?

  • To maintain interest and enthusiasm by constantly adapting to the pupil. Introducing music that is fun, varied and to their liking. In their own time and without anxiety, their hands find the notes with freedom and poise and without the need to look down at the keys.

  • Focus on public performance with termly concerts

How are you qualified?

  • Twenty years of teaching piano.

  • Classically trained at the Royal College of Music.

  • Qualified Alexander Technique Teacher.

What can I expect if my child learns with you?

  • Perform in termly concerts.

  • Grades when appropriate.

How much do classes cost?

  • 30 minute lesson £24

  • 45 minute lesson £36

  • 60 minute lesson £48

How long are your terms?

  • Following the academic school year

  • Usually 10-11 weeks per term